Errors using xlsread to import data from Excel

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I am trying to pull data from Excel. I was able to do this up until today. I did update my Matlab license and am wondering if this has anything to do with the problems I am having below. Any suggestions?
Warning: Range cannot be used in 'basic' mode. The entire sheet will be loaded.
> In xlsread (line 208)
In untitled123123 (line 3)
Error using xlsread (line 257)
XLSREAD unable to read sheet 'irradiance_month'.
File contains unexpected record length. Try saving as Excel 98.
Error in untitled123123 (line 3)
Solar_Irradiance_Month = xlsread('DATA.xls','irradiance_month','C1:C13')
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Justin Hayes
Justin Hayes on 1 Apr 2020
This is the code I am running
Solar_Irradiance_Month = xlsread('DATA.xls','irradiance_month','C1:C13')

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Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 1 Apr 2020
Sometimes the Excel instalation can break xlsread, there shouldn't be a reason MATLAB install changed anything for you. It might be an update, or just something out of sync.
I'd suggest you port this to readcell:
Solar_Irradiance_Month = readcell('DATA.xls','Sheet','irradiance_month','Range','C1:C13')

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