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Avishka G
Avishka G on 3 Apr 2020
Commented: Guillaume on 7 Apr 2020
I want to write the following data onto excel, in a way which the first answer (M(: , : , 1)) will be at the range E to G and the next answer (M(: , : , 2)) will be at the range I to K, so 4 column space between each.The sample data is below, is there a easier to do this as sometimes there might be more than 6 data sets.
X = ones(6).*(1:6);
Y = 2*ones(6).*(1:6);
Z = 3*ones(6).*(1:6);
M = permute(cat(3,X,Y,Z), [1 3 2]);
M= reshape(M, 6, []);
Avishka G
Avishka G on 6 Apr 2020
I used xls write but i can only copy all the data in M into sheet without keeping space between the 3 columns.

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 6 Apr 2020
If I understood correctly:
xlswrite(somefile, reshape([M, nan(size(M, 1), 1, size(M, 3))], 6, []), '', 'E1')
basically pad your 3D matrix with a column of NaNs. NaNs result in empty cells in the output spreadsheet.
Guillaume on 7 Apr 2020
That's a different arrangement than in your initial question where each row of the input ended up on a different row of excel whereas you want it all in one row.
L = [0, 70, 100, 150, 200];
N = reshape([L; nan(4, size(L, 2))], 1, [])
This time, we're putting the nans below L and reshaping into a vector.

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