How to present our data in different graphs

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(A) I have a desired vector u=[1 2 3 4]. I used an algorithm and that algorithm estimated a best solution for my desired vector u. I ran that algorithm 100 times and obtained 100 such estimated vectors of same size as my u vector. That algorithm also estimated 100 values of my fitness function, 100 values of Execution time of that algorithm, 100 values of Absolute Error Vector of same size as u. Then I found the errors in each indivudual element of u and estimated vector. Then I got the mean of 1st two errors separate and mean of last two error separate, thus got 100 such vales for each mean.
(B) Then I added a noise to vector u. and repeated the above process. Then I changed the value of noise and repeated the same process.
(C) Now I increased the number of elements in u from 4 to 6 and repeated the same process with noise and without noise
(D) Now I increased the number of elements in u from 6 to 8 and again repeated step (C).
Now I want to present this data in diffrent such graphs which attract a reader. Can any body help me in this regard?
Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar on 6 Apr 2020
Dear Ameer Hamza I am attaching one such sheet for you to understand it in a better way. Read the Note in Column K carefully.

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