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access component with variable

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Jonas Ström Seez
Jonas Ström Seez le 8 Avr 2020
I am wondering if there is any good way to access component with a string variable. Let me give an example.
I got an array of strings and want to loop through them to access value of every component.
components = ["componentName1", "componentName2", "componentName3", ... ]
for i = 1:length(components)
value = app.components(1, i).Value
To clarify component(1, i) is a string and not an object inside of app, however the string has the name of that component.
I appreciate any help I can get!

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Guillaume le 8 Avr 2020
See Generate field names from variables which also applies to class properties.
for i = 1:numel(components) %prefer numel to length
value = app.(Components(i)).Value; %prefer 1D indexing with vectors
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Jonas Ström Seez
Jonas Ström Seez le 8 Avr 2020
It worked! Thank you very much!

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