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How can my script be change so that it always include all the arrays with a value?

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FV on 8 Apr 2020
Commented: darova on 14 Apr 2020
I have a big struct where every field contains a huge number of cells that contains a number of arrays (double). The cells are splitted so almost all rows are empty only a few at the start and a few at the end. (1,1)-(10,1) have values and (1081,1)-(1084,1) have values (see picture below).
I want to change this script so that it always takes all the rows containing an array with values. And not the way it is now.
This is the part i want to change:
This is how the values can be:
Hope this is enough, so that someone can help me.


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darova on 8 Apr 2020
Try this approach


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