Angle Doppler response using FFT

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ahmed hussain
ahmed hussain le 14 Avr 2020
Commenté : ahmed hussain le 15 Avr 2020
I m simulating a target at 45 degrees azimuth and with a certain doppler..I m using the following code to find angle doppler response...However, i get an error of 15 degrees in angle...
%% Beamforming and doppler processing
sigvol = zeros(fs*pri,128,128);
sigvol1 = sigvol;
tcsig1 = zeros(fs*pri,N,M);
for i = 1:300
temp1 = shiftdim(tsig(i,:,:));
temp2 = fftshift(fft(temp1,128,1),1); %% doppler processing
temp3 = fftshift(fft(temp2,128,2),2); %%beamforming
sigvol(i,:,:) =temp3 ;
ad = pow2db(abs(squeeze(sigvol(128,:,:))));
angle_axis = linspace(-90,90,128);
doppler_axis = -prf/2:prf/128:(prf/2)-(prf/128);

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 15 Avr 2020
I notice that you are using 128th range gate for plotting. Are you sure you have the correct target there? You can try to verify the result with what returned from phased.AngleDopplerResponse in Phased Array System Toolbox.
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ahmed hussain
ahmed hussain le 15 Avr 2020
I have cross checked it with phased angle Doppler response..phased angle Doppler response gives the correct angle...however , the above code gives a bias of of 15 to 20 degrees

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