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FMCW 24 GHz automotive Radar mmWaves simulation (Target Range&Speed Detection)

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Majid Al-Ali
Majid Al-Ali le 23 Avr 2020
Dear All,
Hope that all of you are doing well.
We are working on our post graduate project simulation and are currently facing a big challenge due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The challenge is not being able to do a hardware lab testing to get data to feed it up to our MATLAB simulation to notice the behaviour and the accuracy of this data. We were asked to at least get a similar data of a similar project to at least feed it to our simulation codes to be able to run it and get the feedback to analyze it and see the validity of the codes that made our simulation run.
The data should be purely about the radar's target detected ranges and speeds, for its vehicle to be able to act upon and respond to avoid any collisions to happen with this target.
Any sort of help in terms of data mentioned previously will be highly appreciated.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 27 Avr 2020
You can just randomly generate some range and speeds based on a trajectory. For example, phased.Platform can help generate some positions and velocities.


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