Plot differing matrices vs time

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Susan le 29 Avr 2020
Commenté : Susan le 29 Avr 2020
Hello everyone,
I have a data set and I would like to plot it versus time. For each observation (at a specific time instance) I have a 3*5 matrix.
The data set that I have is a 300*5 matrix (100 observations and for each of them a 3*5 matrix). How can I plot my data versus time?
Thanks in advance!

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darova le 29 Avr 2020
Try for loop
for i = 0:99
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Susan le 29 Avr 2020
Thanks again for your reply. It somehow sovled my issue, however, I am not sure if taking "mean" over data (each matrix) makes sense here or not. Thank you very much though!

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