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Can I generate MATLAB code for a PK simulation built with SimBiology APP?

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Wei Wang
Wei Wang on 5 May 2020
Commented: Wei Wang on 7 May 2020
Hi, all
I have built a PBPK model with SimBiology APP and now I want to know its equivalent MATLAB code. Can I generate the code in SimBiology?
Thanks for comment.

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Wei Wang
Wei Wang on 5 May 2020
to more specify it, I want to know the code of one PK simulation program using this model. How can I deal with it?

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 5 May 2020
Hi Wei,
If you right-click on the program on Model Analyzer and choose View program code, this will open the code for the program. Switch to MATLAB and you'll see the code on your editor.
Hope this helps.


Wei Wang
Wei Wang on 6 May 2020
Hi, Fulden,
Thanks for your help, now I can open the code.
But this bunch of code is simpler than what I expect. For example, the dose scheme is represented by argument doseStruct, but I don't know how to code my dose scheme, because it is little complicated. Can I find more intact code of my simulation?
Thanks for your help.
Wang Wei
Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 6 May 2020
Hi Wei,
In addition to the program code I mentioned above, when you build a model (for example when you create a dose) in the SimBiology App, you can view the equivalent MATLAB Code using the MATLAB Code Capture Tool. This will help capture the equivelant code needed for the dose schedule for example. Currently the best tools to generate MATLAB code for the modeling and simulation performed on the App is using the code capture tool and the program code i mentioned above.
For the doses question specifically, if you specified a dose schedule in the App, you can access those from the model in MATLAB. So you may not need to code the dose from scratch.
For example :
% Load model in SimBiology project
sbioloadproject('AntibacterialPKPD.sbproj', 'm1');
% Get the dose named 250 mg bid
myDose = getdose(m1, '250 mg bid')
% Change dose amount to 500
myDose.Amount = 500
% Simulate the model with the dose
data = sbiosimulate(m1, myDose)
% Plot results
For more info on creating dose schedules programmatically, please see

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