Is it possible to bring "grid on" to the front of a figure?

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BN le 6 Mai 2020
Dear all,
Normally when I use the grid on it appears behind my figure, but I need to bring it on my figure. Is it possible? I searched and found a code to burn a grid into an image but here I have a figure.
Here is my figure:
And this the summarized code to generate it:
S = shaperead ('country_Boundary.shp');
lon = S.X;
lat = S.Y;
plot(lon, lat, '-k')
grid on
Thank you for any suggestions.

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 6 Mai 2020
By default, all plotted objects are rendered on top of the axis (including axis lines, grid lines, etc). You can reverse that by modifying the layer property:
set(gca, 'layer', 'top');
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BN le 6 Mai 2020
Thank you so much
Fernando Galaz Prieto
Fernando Galaz Prieto le 6 Sep 2021
Thank you for this answer. Is there a way to bring to the top a specific primitive object only?

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