Reading EEG data downloaded from University of Bonn

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I can not understand the information given to me on the page.
I have attached the picture .
Kindly some one help me with processing this EEG signal . Each zip file has 100 txt files. Each txt file has 4096 samples . What does this mean ?
How many channels do I have ? How do I read and process this data in Matlab ?
Rangesh Bhutra
Rangesh Bhutra on 7 Mar 2022
Ma'am did you find a way for the same. Could you please help me with the same?

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Accepted Answer

Peng Li
Peng Li on 9 May 2020
This is a single channel EEG database.
Each zip file has 100 txt files. Each txt file has 4096 samples . What does this mean ?
If you unzip the zip file, it will give you 100 .txt files. There is a single column witin each txt file (number of rows = 4096).
You can simply load this .txt file and it gives you the EEG signal you want.
After loading, you can do whatever processing you want.
this may be of help:
shiny ramachandran
shiny ramachandran on 28 Dec 2021
This above link is not valied can anyone provide or guid the proper way to dowlode this dataset of boon university.

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Rishi Kishore
Rishi Kishore on 7 Mar 2022
Edited: Rishi Kishore on 7 Mar 2022

Can you please send me the Datasets in zip files. Its currently not available in the website.
please help me.
mail id:

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