How to get requirement traceability info from Simulink data dictionary signal

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Consider the below code used to get the information on various properties of simulink signal:
>> dictObj ='sldemo_fuelsys_dd_controller.sldd');
>> DesignData = getSection(dictObj, 'Design Data');
>> allEntries = find(DesignData);
>> get_param(allEntries)
>> allEntries(10)
ans =
Entry with properties:
Name: 'PressVect'
Value: [1x1 Simulink.Parameter]
DataSource: 'sldemo_fuelsys_dd_controller.sldd'
LastModified: '2015-Dec-16 23:09:37.904147'
LastModifiedBy: 'joeyasi'
Status: 'Unchanged'
Query: Similarly as above, how to get the information on 'User Tag' property from 'Requirements' tab from 'Requirement Traceability' associated with SImulink signal?
I would like to retrieve information programmatically equivalent to the steps as I perform in matlab environment.
Right Click ->PressVect
Select 'Requirement Traceability'
Select 'Link Editor'
Select 'Requirements' tab
Know info from 'User Tag'

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