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mqtt web sockets code publish.single(topic, payload,....does not work.

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Barnard Richards
Barnard Richards le 22 Mai 2020
Commenté : Barnard Richards le 23 Fév 2021
The example code
Publish Using WebSockets in Python on a Raspberry Pi
does not work.
my python 3 code executes to the last line of the ThingSpeak example code
print ("There was an error while publishing the data.")
I have been successfully using the same channelID, writeAPIKey and mqttAPIKey with a Arduino for some time using code at
How do do I identify the error with the web sockets publish code.
i can print on Terminal the topic and payload strings. they appear correct.
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Graham Coulby
Graham Coulby le 23 Fév 2021
You probably already figured this out by now, but generally when you see <> in strings on APIs it means a placeholder. Therefore you must replace the string in the documentation (including the <>) with what is specified inside the <>:
If it states
channelID = "<YOUR-CHANNEL-ID>"
This becomes:
channelID = "1234567".
Did you ever get data on your channel? My arduino connects, and even publishes the message the payload without error to what appears to be the correct topic /channels/<channel_id>/publish/<channel_write_api>. However, no data is received on the channel.
Barnard Richards
Barnard Richards le 23 Fév 2021
Graham, You are correct my Rasp Pi connects and uploads correctly.
I am also uploading from a couple of Arduino MKR1010 successfully.

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