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how to speed up imfindcircles

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Moritz le 9 Nov 2012
i have a bunch of pictures taken with a microscope. I am analysing the size distribution of bubbles. imfindcircles works find, but it is slow. I already split the size ranges up according to the rules in the documentation. Still it takes several minutes for one image.
Are there any ways to speed it up ? Eg. Tresholding, reduction of resolution. I dont have the paralell computing toolbox.
Thank you.

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Spandan Tiwari
Spandan Tiwari le 20 Mar 2013
Two ways to get IMFINDCIRCLES run faster in your code are:
1) Sending in the image at a lower resolution.
2) Use smaller radius range, if possible.
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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz le 29 Juin 2020
and 3) crop to around circle if possible. If you know the approx range of the r, you can have a user click on the circle, and crop to just an area around that to be searched. I was able to greatly inclrease the speed by doing that.
Andres Elzaurdia
Andres Elzaurdia le 2 Juil 2020
Ted Shultz , do you possibly have some example code for the cropping method?
Thank you!

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