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Regression Learner - data exceeds maximum array size preferences regression learner

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Ameer Nizami
Ameer Nizami on 30 May 2020
Commented: Ameer Nizami on 12 Jun 2020 at 2:27
I am using the regression learner for the first time. When I select my excel file and get to the response plot page, i click run but am told failed - data exceeds maximum array size preferences regression learner. It is an excel sheet with 78 888 observations, 5 predictors. Size is 8MB it states. My pc has 16gb, my laptop had 8 gb ram and neither could run. Is this really just 8 MB or a much larger number when ran? I do not see what i am doing wrong.
in my preferences i set maximum array size to 10 000, maximum struc nesting levels to 20. I cannot put it larger than 10 000.
memory tells me
Maximum possible array: 14082 MB (1.477e+10 bytes) *
Memory available for all arrays: 14082 MB (1.477e+10 bytes) *
Thank You


Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg on 8 Jun 2020 at 9:03
Hey Ameer,
I would assume that you have already tried setting workspace preferences => Maximum array size limit to 100% and checking Java heap memory (it might limit the amount of memory available to computations).
Could you please tell if you have not tried these ways, and also other things which you might have tried?
Ameer Nizami
Ameer Nizami on 12 Jun 2020 at 2:27
I have since retried the file with different format after increasing then lowering the Java heap memory to larger and lower values than default and all csv and excel files seem to work. Very odd, I will assume the setting of the memory fixed something in that regard.
Thank You nonetheless!

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