Sampling rate in matlab

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jason law
jason law le 3 Juin 2020
Can I know what is the sampling rate of ifft() command which is a build in function in matlab?
I am dealing with a proposed method which overcome limitation of ifft, so i want to know the default sampling rate of ifft() build in function in matlab.

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Star Strider
Star Strider le 3 Juin 2020
There is no default sampling rate for ifft because ifft does not actually sample anything. If the original fft is calculated correctly (with the correct frequency vector) the time vector for ifft can be obtained from the length of the fft and the Nyquist frequency.
If the absolute value of the fft from 0 Hz to the Nyquist frequency is available, it is necessary that the phase information is also available, so that the complex fft can be reconstructed. The second ‘half’ of the fft is then the complex conjugate of the first ‘half’ of the fft, concatenated onto the end of it. Then you can take the ifft of it. That will be the length of the original signal, and the sampling interval will be .

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