What would be the total flow rate inside the hydraulic cylinder chamber when modeled with piston chamber and hydro-mechanical converter?

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I have an input to the hydraulic cylinder from an orifice where the flow rate is modeled using orifice equation. When considering the flow rate caused by the fluid compressibility and flow rate caused by the piston velocity inside the chamber, without considering the leakage what would be the total flow rate of the fluid flowing into the cylinder chamber?

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 19 Août 2022
The first a few paragraphs of the documentaion pages for theTranslational Mechanical Converter (IL) and the Translational Hydro-Mechanical Converter describe how the mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate, respectively, are related to the piston velocity and in-cylinder pressure. In general, there are two terms, one due to the piston motion and the other due to the change in pressure, hence density, so that the fluid may expand or shrink and get in or out of the cylinder.


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