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How to share variables across GUIs?

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Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu on 21 Nov 2012
As it said in title,there is a variant Num1 in GUI1, I hope that in GUI2 Num1 can changged, how ? Thank you!


Jan on 21 Nov 2012
What does "variant Num1 in GUI1" exactly mean? Is this the tag of an uicontrol, a variable in the application data set by guidata() or a field in a struct stored in the UserData?
Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu on 21 Nov 2012
In GUI1:
function edit1_callback()
num1 = get(hObject,'string');
In GUI2,how can i use handles.num1 ? Thank you!

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Accepted Answer

Arthur on 21 Nov 2012
I prefer to store and share data with the function setappdata and getappdata. This is, in my opinion, more clear and better structured.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Nov 2012
If you used GUIDE, you need to use guidata() on the figure number for GUI2 in order to get GUI2's handle structure in GUI1. Then you can change things in the normal way. For example,
handles2 = guidata(GUI2_figure);
set(handles2.Num1, 'Value', get(handles.Num1, 'Value'))

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Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu on 21 Nov 2012
When I put the aboves commands in pushbutton1 of GUI1, error:【Erroring using get; Convertion to duoble from cell is impossible.】
So where to put above command? Thank you very much!

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