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How to obtain a ROC curve through cross validation on the out of fold data in cross validation?

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I am using fitcsvm and need to obtain ROC curve for the fold that is not used in training.
Here is the code:
classificationSVM = fitcsvm(...
predictors, ...
response, ...
'KernelFunction', 'linear', ...
'PolynomialOrder', [], ...
'BoxConstraint', 1, ...
'Standardize', true, ...
'ClassNames', categorical(classnames_fitcsvm),'KFold',10);
[fitPosteriorSVM,ScoreTransform] = fitPosterior(classificationSVM);
for the prediction step:
I can not use resubPredict because that is set for training data and when I use kfoldPredict I recive error. I need to find the predicted score for the fold that is not used for training in 10 fold cross validation to be able to run perfcurve.
Any idea?

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati le 30 Déc 2020
Currently, you have to split the data into training and validation manually to generate results on validation set.
To use 10-fold cross-validation, you can fit the model on 90% of the data, and compute results for the remaining 10% of data which was not used for fitting. You can then loop over each of the 10 subsets to plot the ROC curves for individual runs.
Here is a small example on how to do that:
k = 10;
cvFolds = crossvalind('Kfold', labels, k);
for i = 1:k
testIdx = (cvFolds == i); % get indices of test instances
trainIdx = ~testIdx; % get indices training instances
classificationSVM = fitcsvm(data_features(trainIdx,:), labels(trainIdx), ...
'KernelFunction', 'linear', ...
'PolynomialOrder', [], ...
'BoxConstraint', 1, ...
'Standardize', true);
[predictions, score] = predict(svmModel, data_features(testIdx,:));
[X,Y] = perfcurve(labels(trainIdx), predictions,'versicolor');
xlabel('False positive rate'); ylabel('True positive rate')
title('ROC curve')
Hope this helps!


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