Problems with generating closed loop bode plot for a dc-dc converter

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I want to generate a closed loop bode plot for a dc-dc buck converter but having issues with it. I am able to successfully generate the open loop bode plot of input to output as well as the bode plot of the compensator. However, when I am trying to generate closed loop bode plot, it is giving me a blank plot.
(Note: I am using simscape electrical and have a PWM block in my dc-dc converter)
Any help would be appreciated.

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 2 Jul 2020
Hi Shardul
What workflow are you using to generate the open-liip response?
I would take a look at the Frequency Estimator Block (it requires R2019a and Simulink Control Design)
In this example we show how to use it with System Identification to generate a frequency plot for the closed loop system:
This should do the trick even for a DCDC converter which cannot be linearized because of the switching nature of the PWM.
Hope this helps




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