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how to make numbering near "a" like: a1, a2, an

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Rima on 25 Nov 2012
Could you please tell me how to increase number near "a" so it could look like this:
b = 1; "ab = something" b = b + 1; ...
a1 = something; a2 = something; ... an = something;

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Accepted Answer

Arthur on 25 Nov 2012
Please don't use dynamic variable names, matlab has plenty of options to store your data in a better way. Use cells or structs.


Jan on 25 Nov 2012
I second Arthur's suggestion: Do not insert an index in the name of the variable. While this might look useful for "a1", "a2", "a3", it becomes a horror for ..."a117", "a118" etc. Using "a{1}", "a{2}" is much smarter.
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 25 Nov 2012
There is a run of these requests recently.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Nov 2012
If the "a" are being assign to simple numbers (not to strings, structures, cells, etc.), then using a simple numerical array is best and easiest:
for k = 1 : 118
a(k) = b; % a is floating point array, unless you explicitly cast b to an integer type.
b = b + 1; % Whatever.....

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moulay on 25 Nov 2012
for example_:
% for i=1:2:5
b=['a_' num2str(i)]
is that waht are u looking for?


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