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How can i run multibody simulink vehicle model in arduino uno r3 ?

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Shivendra singh kushwah
Shivendra singh kushwah le 13 Juin 2020
I already have a simulink vehicle model, i want this model to run in my arduino uno r3 based robot.
Can i do it directly or have to build new model using arduino support simulink tool box using their blocks?

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Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu le 19 Juin 2020
In order to develop an application for Arduino hardware in Simulink, you will have to
  1. Install the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware
  2. In your model that you have already developed for your robot, use the driver blocks from the Simulink library for Arduino hardware to target the Arduino peripherals.
Hope this helps.
Mohith Prabhu


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