I cannot get Spectrogram to highlight a single frequency signal

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I want to use the spectrogram function in matlab, before I do I wanted to make sure I understand it. So I did a small example with a sin wave with 440 Hz as the frequency. However, when I run the spectrogram function its shows that the strongest frequency is around 70 Hz. I would love some clarification.
x = 1:.001:5;
y = sin(440*x);
figure(1); plot(x,y)
figure(2); spectrogram(y, 1000, 500, [], 1000, 'yaxis');

Accepted Answer

John Hunt
John Hunt on 16 Jun 2020
dpb answered this question in the comments sin() uses radians and the conversion from radians to hertz is 1/(2pi) and 440/(2pi) is 70.03.

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