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How can I plot RHI from weather radar data ?

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ss on 23 Jun 2020
Commented: Xu Zhou on 17 Nov 2020
I have radar reflectivity in (range,azimuth,elevation) coordinates. How can plot range height indiacator (RHI) of reflectivity along an azimuth in matlab?

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Matthew on 23 Jun 2020
I suggest using PyART.
But, for Matlab:
If you have a cfradial type data file the data are stored in 2-D arrays (gates x rays or range x time). For RHIs you need to parse through this to get the constant azimuth section to find the RHI in your volume. If you're trying to create an RHI from PPI scans, you'll need to match rays with the same elevation. Then you need to turn along beam range into along the ground range. You need to compute the height above the geoid the beam is. etc... It's a non-trivial exercise to do this from scratch and do it right. Hence, PyART.
Anyway, paring down the data you want to view is the hard part. Once you do that you can use surf.

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Xu Zhou
Xu Zhou on 17 Nov 2020
which commdand can I use from Pyart if I create a RHI from PP scans?

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