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Arduino simulink connection error

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Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan le 29 Juin 2020
I am trying to run Arduino example on my Arduino uno board from simulink.
Every time it shows the same error though I changed ports number and also reinstalled packages too.
Could not connect to specified Arduino board.
Verify that the board is connected to your host, and that the host COM port number set in the model matches the COM port number in Windows.
To change the host COM port number in the model, click 'Simulation ', click 'Model Configuration Parameters'... In the dialog that opens, select the 'Hardware Implementation' pane, click 'Target hardware resources > Host-board connection' and set the COM port number.
To find out the COM port number in Windows, open Device Manager and open your board in the COM ports group.
In matlab window if I enter arduino() it shows the connection details though.
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Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan le 14 Sep 2020
Hi Fábio Silva ,
No I havenot got the answer yet.
Matlab customer support asked to contact arduino support for this issue:).
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith le 27 Déc 2022
I'm having the same issue. Have tried everything in this thread to no avail.

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Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu le 1 Juil 2020
Hello Muhammad Rizwan,
Here are a few pointers to try and resolve the issue that you are facing
1) Make sure the model is configured for the correct hardware that you intend to use. You can change the Hardware board in the Hardware Implementation section of the Simulink Configuration settings.
2) Once the hardware is set correctly, if you continue to see the issue, you can try specifying the COM port number of your hardware bord manually in the Configuration Settings. In the Simulink Configuration settings, navigate to Hardware Implementation > Hardware board settings > Target Hardware resources > Host-board connection. Change the "Set host COM port" option to "Manually". In the COM port number dialog box, enter the COM port number corresponding to your hardware. You can find the COM port number for your board from the Windows hardware manager.
3) In the case of using MATLAB support package for Arduino hardware along with the Simulink support package for Arduino hardware, ensure that you do not have any active connections between the MATLAB and the hardware, To ensure this, you can proceed to Simulink model deployment after clearing any existing "arduino" connections from MATLAB to your hardware.
Hope this helps.
Kindly let us know if these pointers help you resolve the issue.
Thanks and Regards,
Mohith Prabhu
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Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan le 1 Juil 2020
Dear Mohith,
Thanks for the reply.
I have already tried these solutions but none of them worked.
Once the example for arduino worked but not now.
Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu le 1 Juil 2020
In that case, may I request you to contact MathWorks technical support for further assistance

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경민 박
경민 박 le 22 Juil 2022
I had same problem, and this is how I solved it.
In my case, I created new empty folder, and then in MATLAB I moved my Current Folder to that new empty folder.
Then it worked.
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Ramiro le 8 Jan 2024
Amazingly... this worked. WTF...
vaishnavi le 9 Mar 2024
it's not working

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