Simulink Switch blocks incompatible with Simscape Specialized Power Systems

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I'm facing a problem of incompatibility between the blocks from Simulink Simscape and Simscape Specialized Power Systems blocks. I need a simple switch that work with the Asynchronous Machine block from Specialized Power Systems. It would also be nice to have a Phase Permute block compatible with Specialized Power Systems. I have to use this Asynchronous Machine block instead of the other Induction Machine blocks available because I need information about the current in the rotor's resistor and this is the only model I found that provides this information. None of the switch blocks I found are compatible with this library (Specialized Power Systems). Is there any? How can I solve this? Thank you

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 1 Jul 2020
Hi Mauricio
for simple switch do you mean like a breaker or more of a semiconductor device driven by PWM? Which release?
Since 2006a, there is an Ideal Switch in the Fundamental Blocks -> Power Electronics library, and a breaker in the Fundamental Blocks -> Elements library:
Regarding a phase permuter, you can easily create one and create your own block in your own library to be reused:
Here how to create a custom library:
Hope this helps!

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