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How can I compare two logical vectors to a value?

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jan on 5 Dec 2012
I want to do the following without loops:
logix = [1;0;0;1;1;1;0;0;0];
logiy = [0;1;1;0;1;0;0;1;1];
logi = zeros(size(logix,1),1);
for i = 1:size(logix,1)
if logix(i)==0
if logiy(i)==0
else logi(i)=0;
else logi(i)=0;
logix and logiy are logical vectors (same size) and I want logi to be the vector that is 1 if logix and logiy are 0 in the same row or 0 if not. Thanks in advance, regards, jan


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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 5 Dec 2012
Edited: Jos (10584) on 5 Dec 2012
or via De Morgan (<>)
logi = ~(logix | logiy)

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