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Why is MATLAB using my network?

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 7 Jul 2020
Answered: Jan on 7 May 2021
I'm using a wifi hotspot and I want to minimize my data usage. Unfortunately, whenever I have MATLAB R2019b open, it seems to be sending and receiving more data than all the tabs I have open in Firefox.
First question: Am I interpreting my Activity Monitor correctly? Is MATLAB in fact the major culprit of my data usage?
Second question: Why is MATLAB sending and receiving data?
Third question: Is there a way to disable network usage?

Accepted Answer

Gouri Chennuru
Gouri Chennuru on 10 Jul 2020
Hi Chad,
The "matlabrc.m" file will run the "startup.m" file so this can be in few cases where it uses the network. "matlabrc" also initializes the path, so this issue could be caused by the presence of network files on the path (which requires internet connection).
Also, while dealing with webaccess in matlab you require internet connection.
Network-based MATLAB licenses, such as Network Concurrent and Network Named User do not require an internet connection to run MATLAB but do require a connection to the license manager server on the local network in order to access the license.
The only license types which require an internet connection are:
  • Online Licensing
  • Login Named User
Refer to this link for more information
The "Web” launches the internet browser by using the WEB function in MATLAB. You can disable this option by editing WEB accordingly:
edit web
Insert the following after the function declaration:
Hope this helps!
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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 14 Jul 2020
These are helpful suggestions, thanks Gouri!

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Maleen Wijeratna Kidiwela
I've noticed this too, if left alone, it seems to be downloading around 10Gb of data per day. Did you figure this out?
My only option is to not use matlab with wifi on
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Jan on 7 May 2021
The updates of Matlab are huge. Are you logged in (see right top corner of Matlab's command window)? Is your Matlab up to date?

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Jan on 7 May 2021
When I'm not signed in in my local Matlab session (see the "Sign in" button in the top right corner), Matlab opens several internet connections at start up. Some concern the jxbrowser and they contact my local computer, two are contacting my router over the svchost.exe, and three are connecting to external servers:
They are using cerificates for the domains "*" and "*".
Matlab is calling home even if the access is restricted by the firewall.




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