slicing soild geometry into two

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I am using simscape multibody.
I want to simualte cutting of a object. Can someone point me to resources where to start ?

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 15 Jul 2020
Hi Chetan
From Release 2019b you can disengage joints. So you can "glue" together two solid with a Weld Joint, and then during simulation you can disengage it using a signal switching from 0 to -1, and the joint becomes a 6 DoF joints. This would mimick "slicing" a solid in two, with the two solids disengaging. I'm attaching one example (for 2020a release).
hope this helps
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chetan thakur
chetan thakur on 16 Jul 2020
@vasco lenzi
Thanks for answering. Tried the model you have provided. It worked as expected.
From this what I observed, we can engage/disengage only one using step signal which is valid.

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