Change non-listed, unaccessible(?) properties in app designer

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i would like to access properties in the app designer which are not accessible by the usual means as they are not properties of the component objects.
Though, I think that they must be internally set at some point and therefore also be editable.
Consider the following app which is also uploaded as a .mlapp file
Some arbitrary examples of what I would like to change:
  1. The darkgrey background of the tabgroup tab selection shall be blue.
  2. The check box (I mean the box, not its label) shall be darkgreen and the check mark white.
  3. The boarder of the tabgroup shall be thicker.
Is there some way to access those properties?
I could find that there are is the possibility to access java properties of single component in GUIDE, what gives about endless possibilities to change the design. This apparently does not work with the appdesigner. Maybe someone of you could offer a solution for appdesigner.

Accepted Answer

Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella on 19 Feb 2021
Currently, there is no option to
  1. Change the background color(grey) of the tabgroup.
  2. Change the color of checkbox
  3. Change the border thickness of table
I have brought this issue to the concerned people and it might be considered in any future release.

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