How can i rectify this error "untitled Prismatic joint"

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['untitled']: In the dynamically coupled component containing Prismatic Joint 'untitled/Prismatic Joint', there are more joint primitive degrees of freedom with automatically computed force or torque (1) than with motion from inputs (0). In general, the equations of motion do not have a unique solution. Solve this problem by increasing the number of joint primitives with motion from inputs or reducing the number of joint primitives with automatically computed force or torque. Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model.
I would like to know how to rectify this.

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 14 Jul 2020
Hi Aditya
This happens becuase you have both Actuation (Force & Motion) set to Automatically Computed. You can have only one "Automatically Computed"; the other must be either "None" or an "Input".
I hope this make sense; in order to calculate the motion automatically, you need to have either no force or an external force. You cannot compute both of them at the same time, since they depend on one another.

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