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How to swap between X, Y and Z in 3D plot

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maryam abdulla
maryam abdulla le 13 Juil 2020
Réponse apportée : LO le 13 Juil 2020
Hi there,
i do have a 3D plot that has X, Y and multiplu value of Z
i need to present the Data as following,
where Z vlaues shown in X direction, Y value in Z direction and X in Y direction
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maryam abdulla
maryam abdulla le 13 Juil 2020
thank you for your reply, this way doesnt work
it can change the axis lable or rotate the veiw while i need the whole data to be swap or exchange

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LO le 13 Juil 2020
the function permute rearranges the order of the axes.
S = permute(S,[1 2 3]);
S1 = S = permute(S,[3 1 2]); % swapped matrix


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