plotting 2gb worth of data

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Maram Alnahhas
Maram Alnahhas le 15 Juil 2020
Commenté : Maram Alnahhas le 16 Juil 2020
Hi! I have 2gb csv file that I would like to plot (2 columns and around 100,000,000 rows). I read that tall is used for big arrays so I did the following:
s0 = tall(readmatrix('C:\Users\maram\Desktop\test6\RigolDS4.csv'));
x0 = s0(:, 1);
y0 = s0(:, 2);
plot(x0, y0);
I am getting the following error: out of memory, Error in line 1.
I thought of splitting the file, but I couldn't find a software that can open it. FYI, I have 12gb of ram. I would truly appreciate some help. Thanks!

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 15 Juil 2020
You're trying to show about 10x more data than could possibly be visualized, even on a 4K monitor. Even if you didn't run out of memory, that would be a waste of resources.
The quick and easy solution is to only plot a small subset of the data at once.
Alternatively, if you want to preserve the ability to zoom in on the details while not plotting excessive amounts when zoomed out, there are a few options on the FEX (I like this one) that automatically perform the smart reductions calculations for you. I haven't tried them out with tall arrays, though...
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Maram Alnahhas
Maram Alnahhas le 16 Juil 2020
Thanks for the reply. I ran the line you have suggested, but it is still giving me the same error :(

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