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PDF export to edit in inkscape?

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Sarah Buehnke
Sarah Buehnke on 22 Jul 2020
Answered: Martin Jendryka on 5 May 2021
Hi everyone
Very commonly, I plot data and edit those plots with inkscape. I made quite good experience with saving plots as pdf and importing them into inkscape. With this, I can chose all the small parts of the plot separately and thus change everything (e.g., font size, thickness etc) in inkscape. However, since today, this is not working anymore. Importing Matlab plot pdfs into inkscape, I cannot edit them anymore. The problem is within the pdf because looking at those PDF files in a pdf reader, I could always zoom all the way in and the resolution stayed high. Now, they are pixelated and have quite a low resolution. I use 2013b.
Does anyone know what to do?
Sarah Buehnke
Sarah Buehnke on 24 Jul 2020
Somehow it didn't work but I found that, if I use printf and change renderer, it works

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Answers (1)

Martin Jendryka
Martin Jendryka on 5 May 2021
print('-painters', '-dpdf', 'PlotName')
directly saves your figures the desired way.
the painters option is essential for vector graphics, such as pdf.

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