How to code the checking of the version of an App ?

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Marc Servagent
Marc Servagent le 29 Juil 2020
I made an App via AppDesigner. The App is shared via App Installer.
I woud like to code the following:
When the app is running, I would like to check the current version of the app, and check if more recent version of app exists.
How to code this ?
Many thanks
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Marc Servagent
Marc Servagent le 30 Juil 2020
Wolf Blecher
Wolf Blecher le 10 Mai 2022
Is it possible to upvote this feature request?

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Réponse acceptée

Marc Servagent
Marc Servagent le 31 Juil 2020
The technical support team indicated me the answer, which allow to update the answer to my own question!
Attached is the function which allow to check the new version of the app, and hereafter is an example provided by the technical support team:
>> checkForNewVersion('C:\Users\%username%\Documents\MATLAB\Clock.mlappinstall','Clock')
ans =
logical 0
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 31 Juil 2020
Did they provide a description of what the two inputs should be?

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Brian le 16 Nov 2021
I developed the below yesterday and it has seemed to work so far.
function ver = CheckVersion(~)
if isdeployed % If compiled and deployed
[~, result] = system('path');
p = char(regexpi(result, 'Path=(.*?);', 'tokens', 'once')); % Get run path
myDir=dir(fullfile(p,'..','appdata','components')); % Move to components folder and get all files
myDir=myDir(3:end); % Exclude '.' and '..'
validFile=myDir(datetime({})==max(datetime({}))); % Only look at most recent install, includes 'common' and 'platform'
appInfo=xml2struct(fullfile(validFile(1).folder,validFile(1).name)); % Import 'common' as struct from xml (requires xml2struct download)
ver=appInfo.componentData.component.componentVersion.Text; % Grab the version number as a char array
fullpath=mfilename('fullpath'); % Get run path
if ~isempty(strfind(fullpath,s.matlab.addons.InstallationFolder.ActiveValue)) % If the run path includes the addons install folder, it is run from the app bar
[p,~]=fileparts(fullpath); % Get the path
if isfolder(fullfile(p,'resources'))
xmlLocation=fullfile(p,'resources','addons_core.xml'); % Go to resources folder
appInfo=xml2struct(xmlLocation); % Import addons_core.xml as struct
ver=appInfo.addonCore.version.Text; % Grab the version number as a char array
ver='debug'; % This may be redundant with below. Left in to prevent errors just in case...
else % If run from MATLAB mlapp file
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Brian le 6 Avr 2022
Check my comment above. It accesses the *.xml file that is created when you either compile the app into a *.exe or distribute it as an app for the app bar. From there it pulls the version number that was set in the App Details (or more specifically in the Share App window).
Francisco Sacchetti
Francisco Sacchetti le 19 Jan 2024
I cannot make this work in the webbappserver

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