calculating error while averaging multiple images

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Hi, I have a simple problem and needs guidance. I have 15 image files. I want to calculate the average of these images and calculate error on these images. Any help is appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Aug 2020
Do you want the average of the R, G, and B separately for each image?
Are you asking for averages to be taken over time for each pixel's R, G, B components?
Read the images into a 4D array, rows by columns by colorpanes by image_number . Then mean(Stack,4) or std(Stack, [], 4)
Sumera Yamin
Sumera Yamin on 12 Aug 2020
so i took this part of code and did the furthur processing of my data. combining with the above function, the code is as shown below. The problem is that for i want to use both imageData and imgstd for calculating [maxzeile, maxspalte] and [maxzeile_err, maxspalte_err] respectively. My code however takes imageData for calculating both and hence giving me the same output. Could you please pointout how should i change the code to use both imagedata and imgstd.
function [maxzeile, maxspalte, maxzeile_err, maxspalte_err, xRMS, yRMS] = findBeam(beamIn, windowsize, threshold, maxIterations)
%rough beam position
WINDOWSIZE = windowsize/2;
THRESHOLD = round(threshold*WINDOWSIZE^2);
n = 0;
beamImageSize = size(beamIn);
while (BEAMFOUND == 0 && n <= maxIterations)
[maxwerte, maxzeilen] = max(beamIn);
[maxwert, maxspalte] = max(maxwerte);
maxzeile = maxzeilen(maxspalte);
if (maxzeile <= WINDOWSIZE)
yLow = 1;
yLow = maxzeile-WINDOWSIZE;
if (maxzeile + WINDOWSIZE >= beamImageSize(1))
yHigh = beamImageSize(1);
yHigh = maxzeile+WINDOWSIZE;
if (maxspalte <= WINDOWSIZE)
xLow = 1;
xLow = maxspalte-WINDOWSIZE;
if (maxspalte + WINDOWSIZE >= beamImageSize(2))
xHigh = beamImageSize(2);
xHigh = maxspalte+WINDOWSIZE;
yLow = abs(round(yLow)); %disp(yLow)
yHigh = abs(round(yHigh)); %disp(yHigh)
xLow = abs(round(xLow)); %disp(xLow)
xHigh = abs(round(xHigh)); %disp(xHigh)
window = beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh); %figure(n+5); imagesc(window);
% Intensity cut
thre = 0.75 * max(max(window));
beamArea = sum(sum(window>thre));
if (beamArea >= THRESHOLD)
beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh) = 0; %beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh)>10000;
n = n + 1;
[xRMS, yRMS] = beamRMS(window);
beamImageSize = size(beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh));
beamX = 1:beamImageSize(2);
beamY = 1:beamImageSize(1);
totalMass = sum(sum(beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh)));
centerOfMass = zeros(1,2);
for i=1:length(beamX)
for j=1:length(beamY)
centerOfMass = centerOfMass + double(window(j,i)).*double([beamY(j),beamX(i)]);
centerOfMass = centerOfMass / totalMass;
centerOfMass = round(centerOfMass);
centerOfMass = centerOfMass + [yLow,xLow];
maxzeile = centerOfMass(1);
maxspalte = centerOfMass(2);
%error in center of mass:
beamImageSize_err = size(beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh));
beamX_err = 1:beamImageSize_err(2);
beamY_err = 1:beamImageSize_err(1);
totalMass_err = sum(sum(beamIn(yLow:yHigh,xLow:xHigh)));
centerOfMass_err = zeros(1,2);
for i=1:length(beamX_err)
for j=1:length(beamY_err)
centerOfMass_err = centerOfMass_err + double(window(j,i)).*double([beamY_err(j),beamX_err(i)]);
centerOfMass_err = centerOfMass_err / totalMass_err;
centerOfMass_err = round(centerOfMass_err);
centerOfMass_err = centerOfMass_err + [yLow,xLow];
maxzeile_err = centerOfMass_err(1);
maxspalte_err = centerOfMass_err(2);

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Aug 2020
Edited: Image Analyst on 12 Aug 2020
See my attached demo. It averages RGB and gray scale images and gives statistics about them.. Adapt as needed.

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Sumera Yamin
Sumera Yamin on 11 Aug 2020
many thanks for this analyzer, it gives me attached error. Also what is mask and what does clear mask does?

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