Data Tips Enable in an WebApp

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Justus Mayer
Justus Mayer le 6 Août 2020
Commenté : Justus Mayer le 17 Août 2020
I am currently trying to create a web app in Matlab and would have a question.
If I display a subplot in a panel, I can assign DataTips to the individual points, but I lack the Data Tips icon. can someone tell me how I can activate it?
i tried everything possible with datacursormode but that didn't lead to any result
Best regards Justus

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Julian le 13 Août 2020
According to the limitations here "Data tips for graphics are not supported"
However I really need this feature so that an end-user can interact with a plot and identify interesting or outlying points in the dataset. Hopefully it can be added soon. I would like the web app figure interaction to be as close to that available in MATLAB itself as far as possible.
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Justus Mayer
Justus Mayer le 17 Août 2020
so when I call this function it shows me the DataTips icon but I have no idea why.
ax2 = subplot(2,1,1,'Parent',app.Panel_2_3);
zoomHandle = zoom(ax2);

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