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TMS320F28379D problem loading Code

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Rida Adardak
Rida Adardak le 7 Août 2020
I have some troubles when i am trying to load the C code generated from Simulink model to Delfino™ TMS320F28379D.
You will find attached what I was able to achieve ; configurations and Simulink model.
The idea is turning on the LED2 (GPIO31) and LED3 (GPIO34).
What do you thing ? it's true ?
Please I need your help !
Thank you all.

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Aditya Padmanabha
Aditya Padmanabha le 18 Oct 2021
Hi rida,
Please follow the shipping example which explains how to do a simple model to blink a LED on C2000 hardware board. Getting Started with Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors - MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com)
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G K NAVEEN KUMAR le 10 Jan 2023
Error: File: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2022b\rtw\c\tlc\public_api\utils_api.tlc Line: 473 Column: 10 %exit directive: Simulink Coder Fatal in block: "BridgelessBoostPFCwithAPD/inverter calculate2", block type "S-Function": MFile S-functions without a corresponding TLC file are not supported. You can inline your S-function (fpga_model) by creating a TLC file for it. You can also remap your S-function to C by creating a corresponding C Mex source file and a fpga_model.tlc file in the same directory as the MFile S-function which contains (on the first line): %% CallAsCMexLevel1 or %% CallAsCMexLevel2

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Sarva Ruvinigya Somanshu
Sarva Ruvinigya Somanshu le 4 Déc 2022
I assumed that you have done this step also -
  1. First insure that you have installed required hardware support add-on packege
  2. Select hardware under configuration Parameters -> hardware implimentation -> hardware board
  3. Now after selecting correct hardware go to -> target hardware resources -> external mode -> serial port in matlab preferances (check connect COM)


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