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Helena le 2 Jan 2013
Hello, I am a Matlab beginner and use Epanet Matlab Toolkit. I run it for 24 hours, 1 hour time step. I expect to get 25 result values (0-24), but I get 26. It seems that some random number (time step) is generated at the time 7.1225 hrs. Could someone advise me please how to change a code to get rid of it? I basically need to get only values which would Epanet generate if I ran the model from Epanet (not from Matlab). Thank you very much! Helena

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Demetrios Eliades
Demetrios Eliades le 4 Jan 2013
Sometimes, EPANET will create some additional points, when something important (a hydraulic event) happens into your network. So basically at time 7.1225 a hydraulic event has occurred (e.g. a tank started to empy), and EPANET creates an intermediate measurement, even though you did not ask it to do that.
A simple solution is to always check the time corresponding to each measurement, and reject it if you don't use it.
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Helena le 30 Jan 2013
Hi Demetrios,
Thank you for your answer. I did it as you suggested. I have two water distribution networks. Interestingly, it works for one network, but it does not work for the second network. In the second network, although intermediate time steps are shown (in 'tv' table), the energy values are reported in much more intermediate time steps. Therefore, I really cannot identify those 'extra' values.
Is there a way to solve this issue? For example, can Epanet dll file be changed, and how this can be done, to report values only in the regular time steps?
Thank you.
Best Regards,

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