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How to assign a category to my file exchange file

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Birk Andreas
Birk Andreas le 20 Août 2020
Commenté : Joshua Malina le 28 Sep 2022
The categories assigned to my file exchange files are not really appropriate. How are they chosen? How can I edit them? I suspect that going by categories would not lead someone to them. Considering someone who searches by categories they appear to be hidden very efficiently.
For example, for my file "Vectorial ray-based diffraction integral (VRBDI)" I miss the following obvious category: Science & Industry > Sciences > Physics > Atomic, Molecular & Optical > Optics & Lasers > Optics
In another case the given category is so far off, I wonder if it has been randomly chosen. The file "Simple Transport of Intensity Unwrapper (stiepu.m)" has the category:
Language Fundamentals > Data Types > Numeric Types > Logical
What the hell is going on there?

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Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam le 7 Déc 2020
Modifié(e) : Wendy Fullam le 7 Déc 2020
Hi Birk.
We have updated your File Exchange categories.
A project to enable submitters to select categories for new and existing submissions is in-the-works; In the meantime, please reach out to correct any future categorizations.
We are constantly evolving our text analytics, AI based categorization. Currently, the algorithm only selects a single category, based on tags, title, and on word-density of key phrases. I think perhaps the first tag being 2D threw off the algorithm, thus placing your submission in an inaccurate category.
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Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam le 16 Juin 2021
I updated the submission again, Birk. The category should not have been overwritten - I am checking with our development team to investigate the bug.
We are still working on enabling submitters to select categories for new and existing submissions. I ask for your patience, as we balance against multiple project priorities.
Joshua Malina
Joshua Malina le 28 Sep 2022
I have similar problem.
My submition (MATLAB struct 2 XML object and vice versa Conversion) appears without categories at all.
Can you please update my File Exchange categories. I have written the appropriate category in the Overview section.
Joshua Malina

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