how to change the standard octave bands in poctave function

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zein le 24 Août 2020
Réponse apportée : zein le 27 Août 2020
I am using pocave function to calculate intergral spectra for pressure signal over octave bands. The standard octave bands are (44-88,88-177,177-355,355-710,710-1420,1420-2840,2840-5680) wih center fequency (63,125,250,500,1000,2000,4000). I want to change the standard octave bands set in poctave function to the following bands (50-100,100-200,200-400,400-800,800-1600,1600-3200,3200-6400) with center frequency (75,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800). I have to check poctave function file but could not figure out which lines responsible for specifying the octave bands.

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zein le 27 Août 2020
This is a function in Matlab called power band for calculating average power spectra over user specified frequency range
function website
p = bandpower(x,fs,freqrange)
where x is time input series,fs is sampling freq. and freqrange is vector [lower freq limit upper freq limit]

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