How to add to create matrix by combining two columns

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Thallon Pitchure
Thallon Pitchure on 29 Aug 2020
Answered: Bruno Luong on 29 Aug 2020
Hello! I am trying to do some matrix expansion. I have two columns of data that I have label as h and newCol. They both include 10 rows. My question is how to take these vectors and put them in a single 10x2 matrix. I have tried using newMat = [newCol; h] and the output is a single column with 20 rows. I also tried newMat = [newCol(:); h(:)] and had similar results. I am unsure what I am doing wrong.

Answers (2)

Hussein Ammar
Hussein Ammar on 29 Aug 2020
Use horzcat, e.g.,
C= horzcat(A,B)

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 29 Aug 2020
newMat = [newCol, h]

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