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How can I create an x,y plot where the grid spacing is not equal?

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Rob on 16 Jan 2013
I have a 5x50 matrix of temperature measurements taken across a metal plate which I would like to plot. The spacing of the x-axis measurements was 1.1cm and the y-axis was 0.6cm. Somehow I need to plot the measurements according to this spacing and interpolate the temperatures between the measurements. Here's what I have so far:
% Temperature data is stored in T
title('Temperature Distribution')
I am not convinced this is producing the correct result also, I am not able to interpolate the shading when using contourf, if there a better plot to use?
Rob on 16 Jan 2013
I thought it was incorrect because of the shape of the contours it produced, that may just be the nature of the temperatures recorded but I wanted to rule out it was a problem with my code first.
The visualization is simply there to give the reader an overview of how well the plate is conducting heat so I need to produce the same plot for different values of time.

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Irl on 16 Jan 2013
You might prefer to interpolate the data first, before plotting. Look at the help for interp2, perhaps with method set to bicubic.
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Rob on 16 Jan 2013
Thanks, I'll take a look. Is this better than using 'shading interp'?

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