MATLAB online is lagging a lot on my device inspite of excellent specifications

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while learning simulink onramp, the software is stuck in section 7.2, task 1. Also it has been lagging a lot previously, while the other softwares on my device is working just fine, only matlab online is lagging.
Shubham Murari
Shubham Murari on 30 Sep 2020
In that section, I couldn't edit the function block while using Simulink online. However, now that I've installed matlab on my desktop, it is working fine. Thanks for your valuable support.

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Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma on 18 Sep 2020
Hi Shubham,
The issue of section 7.2 task 1 being stuck has been brought into the notice of our developers and they will further investigate the issue.
I'd suggest you to check your internet bandwidth if matlab online is lagging since it requires internet connection to run.

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