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Offline authorisation for Matlab 2012a

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Is it possible to authorise an installation of Matlab 2012a offline with a File Installation key? We have an installation on an XP machine which is giving attached error. It's standalone and we can't connect to the network but previously it has been connected to authorise then disconnected. I'm also not on site so advising the user. Thanks.

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Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel on 21 Sep 2020
Hi, yes it is possible to install MATLAB on an offline machine. The error that you’re facing occurs when attempting to launch MATLAB with a license file that was generated for an older release. I am attaching the resolution link to the same error, and also for MATLAB installation on an offline machine. Hope these resolve the issue.
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Fraser Chalmers
Fraser Chalmers on 23 Sep 2020
Thanks very much for the advice, I'll pass onto the user.

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