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Display image in true dimensions on screen (inches)

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Megan Rutherford
Megan Rutherford le 17 Sep 2020
I have created an image with a user defined resolution in DPI, height and width in inches. When displaying the image, I would like to display it such that the height and width on screen are of the requested dimensions supplied by the user in inches. I don't have acess to the image processing toolbox.

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat le 23 Oct 2020
To the display an image from an array without the image processing toolbox you could use the image function. But from your question you are asking to on how to display it in inches, you get the pixel per inch relation from this link.
The image processing toolbox provides the user with various functions to display and modify images. Contact our sales team for more details on the Image Processing toolbox.


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