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Is it posiible to hide a source code?

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what is the best way to hide source code of Matlab. Indeed, I want to give a code to users to execute it without being able to access it.
Thnak you !


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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 18 Sep 2020
pcode myfun


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kamel ettaieb
kamel ettaieb on 18 Sep 2020
Thank you,
Juste How I can add an expiration date and time to my pcode file?
Rik on 18 Sep 2020
If you are willing to rely on the system time you can use now to retrieve the current date and compare it to an expiration date. If you don't trust the user, then you should host your own server that returns a time. Don't use the publicly available options, as you don't control whether they allow API access and might go down without warning.

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