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how to take whole matrix using loop index

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wasif shabir
wasif shabir on 19 Sep 2020
Commented: wasif shabir on 19 Sep 2020
whilw solving alernate optimzation problem, i am having issue with takiing whole matrix using loop. i have two matrices for example W=6*6 and theta1=6*6,
maximize(real(trace( theta1(i)*Hs*W(i)*Hs' )))
now i have to take whole matrices not elements like W and theta1 should be 6*6.
kindly some one help i am stuck here.

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Vinicius Pereira Mateus Borges
I am not sure if I understand the question. Please attach some of your data and code as an example if the following does not help:
1) Instead of using a for loop, can you not just do element-wise multiplication between the matrices?
maximize(real(trace( theta1 .* Hs .* W * Hs' ))) % assuming Hs is a constant
2) If Hs is a changing part of a for loop, then you two options:
% double indexing with i and j for rows and colums
for i = 1:6
for j = 1:6
maximize(real(trace( theta1(i,j)*Hs*W(i,j)*Hs' )))
% using linear indexing (so counting between 1:36)
for i = 1:36 % works for a 6 by 6 matrix, but you may want to soft code this
maximize(real(trace( theta1(i)*Hs*W(i)*Hs' )))
You may want to look at how linear indexing works before using the second option. For instance, in a 6-by-6 matrix, theta1(7) would be the first element of the second row (same as theta1(1,2)).
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wasif shabir
wasif shabir on 19 Sep 2020
i have complex matrices for all hs, theta1 and W, in ist itration i have taken W with all one matrix, using all one W in prob#1 i have to find optimizte theta1(i) and then this theta1(i) is used in next prb#2 to get optimize W(i+1). my question is that this is itrative process and what should do to get a theta1 and W as matrices not an elements.
for i=1:1:100
cvx_begin sdp
variable theta1(L+1,L+1) complex semidefinite
maximize(real(trace( theta1(i)*Hs*W(i)*Hs' )))
subject to
for t=1:L+1
%theta1(i) == semidefinite(L+1);
%% prob#2
cvx_begin sdp
variable W(M,M) complex semidefinite
maximize(real(trace( theta1(i)*Hs*W(i+1)*Hs' )))
subject to
%W(i+1) == semidefinite(M);
%%etta is a factor =0.
tol_factor is also a scalar value
if real(etta(i+1,))-real(etta(i)<=tol_factor

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