Calculation of probality numbers from "matrix/array"

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Hello, I just start coding in Matlab and I would like to calculate probability number. f.e
A=[1 7 1 2 8 8 6 3 7 7]
then, I would like to know probability of number 8 or 6 etc. "A" could be array for example.
Is any function for this or is possible to use any simple loop to find this.
Thank you.

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta on 5 Oct 2020
You can count number of element equal to a particular number in a vector/matrix using nnz and equality condition. For above query you can find first for 8 and then for 6 and add the two and divide by total number of elements in a vector/matrix.
numOf8 = nnz(A==8);
numOf6 = nnz(A==6);
probOf8or6 = (numOf8 + numOf6)./numel(A);




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