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Discrete acceleration data to position

Asked by Jen-Yu Hsiao on 31 Jan 2013
I can get accelerator vector data from LEGO Accel sensor by every sampling time. For example when t=1 [x;y;z]=[15;9;220] when t=2 [x;y;z]=[7;5;221]
How can I transform acceleration data to position/displacement?
Many thanks~~~


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1 Answer

Answer by Carlos
on 31 Jan 2013
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I am not sure, but theoretically ,if you have acceleration, and you want to get displacement, you have to integrate to get velocity, and then integrate to get displacement. Try function cumtrapz() which enables you to perform numerical integration. However I think it is much better if you interpolate your displacement data to obtain an analytical expression of the displacement, and then integrate the expression twice to obtain an analytical expresion for acceleration.

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thank you very much ~ but ... maybe the acceleration have noise so that I can't get the right position.

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